CDP Saver bridges MakerDAO and Compound protocols

Nikola Janković | June 26, 2019

We first introduced CDP Saver back in March during an open test on the Kovan testnet, after a couple of months of planning, design and development. Our initial idea was to build an app providing advanced features for MakerDAO CDP users, including automated protection from liquidation. Having collected feedback and gauged interested, we realized that […]

Introducing CDP Saver – the complete CDP management and protection solution

Nikola Janković | April 29, 2019

After five months of development and testing of revision after revision on the Kovan testnet, we are proud to announce that CDP Saver is now live on the Ethereum mainnet. CDP Saver is a fully functional CDP dashboard with advanced, yet accessible features, including Repay, Boost and a CDP Marketplace. The most notable feature, Repay, […]

Cryptage Origins status – is it game over?

Nikola Janković | April 17, 2019

Since our last community update in September, we had some great things happen for Cryptage, including a very successful visit to Crypto Games Conference in Minsk in October and winning IMGA’s first Blockchain Game Award soon afterwards. However, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns and in December we made the difficult decision of freezing further […]

How does gas work? (Infographic)

Nikola Janković | November 5, 2018

A large percentage of the questions we get about Ethereum from friends has to do with gas – how does it work, why is it needed, what the heck are gwei and where do they go? We figured a nice, simple infographic that answers all of these questions would be a good way to clear […]

Pleasant UX in DApp authentication

Nikola Vuković | October 23, 2018

Here’s how we handled the process of onboarding and authentication users for a few different Decenter projects, including EIP-1102 (aka Privacy Mode) support.

Introducing Cryptographics – Unique digital artwork on the Ethereum blockchain

Nikola Janković | October 8, 2018

Today we are proud to introduce Cryptographics, our latest and most complex DApp to launch on the Ethereum mainnet yet. Cryptographics is a digital artwork hub and digital print generation tool powered by Ethereum and IPFS. It allows Artists, Creators and Collectors to come together in order to sell assets, create cryptographics and trade them, […]

A look back at the fantastic ETHBerlin

Nikola Janković | September 18, 2018

In the days of 7th through 9th of September, Berlin was undoubtedly the capital of Ethereum. And not solely because of the huge hackathon, although it was the star of the show, with as many as 65 teams submitting their projects before the deadline, after a 36 hour marathon to deliver a working piece of […]

Registering an ENS domain and setting up reverse lookup

Nikola Vuković | August 30, 2018

Ethereum Name Service, or ENS for short, offers an Ethereum-based, decentralized alternative to domain management. In this short article we’ll discuss registering a domain and setting up reverse lookup for your newly registered domain. This solution allows you to set up a canonical name for your Ethereum address. Think of it like a user accessing your […]

Introducing Etherships – Using state channels to scale Ethereum games

Nenad Palinkašević | August 7, 2018

What follows is a rather long post describing in detail why we decided to build Etherships, the problems we’ve ran into as well as the solutions that we came up with during this process. If you just want to play the game, feel free to visit game’s website straight away (you might also want some […]

From Paris with scaling

Nenad Palinkašević | March 27, 2018

The conference called EthCC lasted for 3 days and was held in beautiful but rainy Paris during the second week of March, where over 800 people joined to exchange ideas that will shape the future of Ethereum. The conference was huge: there were four big amphitheaters along with a room for workshops, with multiple talks […]

Smart Hackathon DApp

Aleksa Stanković | January 25, 2018

Late August last year a local IT organization decided to host the first ever blockchain-themed hackathon in Serbia, Belgrade. We as a company really liked the idea and volunteered to help with the organization. Henceforth, we proposed that we implement all the logistics of the hackathon on an Ethereum smart contract. As a result of that endeavor […]

Why we need to stop spreading the lie that Serbia is among top five blockchain nations in the world

Andrej Cvoro | January 21, 2018

During a meeting that was recently called upon by Serbian government and dedicated to the preparation of the plan for government activities for the year 2018, someone has blatantly thrown out information that Serbia was among top five nations in the world when it comes to the number of blockchain developers. I was instantly unsettled […]

ΞXTΞND – Bridging the gap between popular websites and Ethereum blockchain

Andrej Cvoro | November 14, 2017

ΞXTΞND is a Chrome browser extension that aims to bring the power of Ethereum blockchain to various social websites such as reddit. This is accomplished by making slight modifications to certain web pages (such as adding “tip” button to reddit posts) while having an Ethereum light client integrated into the extension.